Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Blessed New Year

Yes, the economy is in a major world of hurt, and many people are worried. Are you? I think we all tend to be a bit anxious, wondering what's going to happen. But do we ever know what's going to happen tomorrow, or even an hour from now? 

Truth lives in the knowledge that each moment is new, not just this beginning New Year. When we are aware of that, we can celebrate each moment, just like many of us celebrated the birth of 2009 at the stroke of midnight last night. Each moment we are here is a gift, and a glorious one at that! So, let go of the anxiety over what might happen in the future, and give thanks for the gift of the present. Look with hope and joy and great thanksgiving for the dawn of the new day. May each of you experience many blessings in this New Year!

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