Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a FABULOUS Weekend!

Oh, my, I feel like my prayers have been least for this past two days. St. Paul's had a yard sale on Saturday, and most of the church pitched in to organize things on Friday evening, and then came back to help with the sale. It was a real community effort just like we've been praying for, and everyone seemed to have a great time (and we made some good money to further along our plans for our 25th anniversary celebration too!).

Then, including the young ones in the nursery during worship, we had 52 people at church! And most of them stayed for Sunday school and our usual potluck lunch that we have on "First" Sundays (the first Sunday of every month). It was so good to study God's word together, and then visit while we ate and cleaned up the church.

Then, there was just time enough to run to the store to buy treats for the animals for our 2:00 PM St. Francis' Blessing of the Animals (as I promised and almost forgot to get). This was so that every pet that was brought by their person or people to the blessing service could enjoy refreshments just like the people did. We had 18 people, 12 dogs and 1 cat, including the two precious dogs from the Pflugerville Animal Shelter who are patiently waiting for someone to adopt them. One was an older female pit bull mix who was simply sweet and loving. The other was a young black and white terrier who, from a standing still stance, jumped almost 3' off the ground! And he did it over and over again, every time anyone paid him the slightest attention. If you are thinking of adopting a dog, get yourself to the PAS in a hurry -- these sweeties won't last long!

I'm not sure how much money we raised for the shelter, but there was enough dog and cat food to help them out for a few days anyway, and it was a real blessing to have animal control officer, Michael, with us again for the second year. It has been an amazing few days -- full of love and laughter and church family. We are so very blessed to have each other!

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