Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Burning bushes

Sermon thoughts are swirling, and the readings for this week are so rich, I wish I could spread them out over several weeks. Ah well. The OT lesson is Moses and the burning bush. Don't we all wish we could have a burning bush experience -- a way to know without a doubt what God is calling us to do and be? And the idea of holy ground and needing to remove our shoes because we are in the presence of God: isn't everywhere holy ground, and don't we need to acknowledge that God is with us at all times and in all places? The hymn "Holy Ground" keeps running through my head.

The epistle reading from Romans is a lovely list of how to live a Christian life -- a wonderful recipe for how to share Christ with the world. And Eugene Peterson's rendering of this passage in The Message is exceptional -- something I may want to use...

And Jesus explaining once again to poor, bumbling Peter that God's ways are not our ways -- that what appears as something horrible may not be in the end a bad thing. That death must happen for rebirth to occur...hmmm. Lots to think about, and not many days to pull it together!

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